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  What Are the Primary Benefits of Fixed Indexed Annuities  

Guarantee of Principal: Like Fixed Annuities, Fixed Indexed Annuities guarantee the safety of your clients’ principal regardless of market fluctuations. The annuity’s premium payment is protected and does not fluctuate with changes in the value of the index to which it is linked.

The Power of Tax Deferral: Annuity values accumulate on a tax-deferred basis until they are withdrawn. Your clients earn interest on both their principal and their accumulated interest, allowing them to accumulate assets more quickly over a shorter period of time.

Liquidity: Many Fixed Indexed Annuities provide contractholders with penalty-free access to their money should the need arise. (Withdrawals in excess of the "penalty-free" amount, however, will be subject to withdrawal charges and market value adjustment (if any) that apply for a specified period of years (the Term Period) following the initial purchase date.) Typically, contractholders can make penalty-free withdrawals of up to 10% of their contract’s full accumulation value once each year after the first contract anniversary. They may also be able to add contract riders that could potentially increase their contract’s liquidity.

Lifetime Income Stream: At retirement, Fixed Indexed Annuities allow contractholders to select from a variety of income options, including:

• A guaranteed, lifetime income stream regardless of how many years the contractholder lives

• Income payments for a specified number of years, with payments continuing to a spouse or child should the contractholder die prematurely

• A guaranteed income for the full lifetime of both the contractholder and his or her spouse, regardless of how long either one lives

Potentially Lower Income Tax Liability: Income payments from "nonqualified" Fixed Indexed Annuities (that is, not part of a tax-favored retirement plan), will actually include a portion that is a non-taxable return of premium, thereby reducing your client’s income tax liability. In addition, deferred interest earned inside a Fixed Indexed Annuity is not factored into the calculation of a client’s "provisional income" for the purposes of Social Security taxation, due to the tax deferral. This will result in lower income taxes on his or her Social Security benefit.

Choice: Contractholders can elect to earn a traditional declared rate of interest by choosing the fixed interest strategy. Contractholders can also elect an opportunity to earn higher interest credits without having to worry about loss of principal due to fluctuations by choosing one or a combination of the indexed interest strategies. This election is made at issue and can be changed upon written request received by the company prior to the end of the Index Term Period.

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