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Gloria said:   
Thank you for all of your assistance in helping and explaining my benefits to me.  You were very patient, and not hard pressure like some other guy who called.  Thanks again.  Gloria

Mary Turner said:   

Thank you so much for your help.  Wish I would have just called you first before just applying online, I would have saved so much time.  I got rated different than what the quote was one time, declined from one other, but then you reached out to me and found out that MOST carriers would rate or decline me, but then you matched me up with one that would take me..   Thank you for your hard work and being patient with me.  Mary Turner

Lisa Buzbee said:   

Even though I had probably 40 questions about the plans and the options, they took the time to listen to my needs, and the questions.  They explain the differences between the different policies, and made some really good suggestions on what I could do to have a great plan for my family at a price I know we can afford.  Thank you very much.  Lisa Buzbee 


Doctor Cooper said:   
You were truly a very helpful and honest agent to work with.  Gave me several options to choose from when purchasing my life insurance plan.  Understanding how the companies view certain things and how I could lock my rates in now with a longer term than going with a cheaper one, shorter term today, but have a crazy rate in 10-15 years.  True professional in all areas of his business and will use again for future purchases!

David Black said:   

Thanks to Buy My Policy Online team, I actually have a much lower deductible more benefits and pay the same as what I was paying last year instead of having my rates go up another $80 a month. Thanks for the videos on your site too, they were really good help in better understanding everything.. DB

Teresa said:   
Thanks Tom so much for all of your help. You were very honest and helped make something that in the past has been a nightmare very easy. Your research in giving my family exactly the coverage we needed for the best price was a blessing. Thank you again for your assistance!!! Teresa

Carey said:   
Since one of the agents was a former Mega sales person, I really feel that he knew what we were going through with the higher rates every year.  This last jump of over $159 more per month was the last straw for our family.  I was told that we would be protected in the "Big Group" and wouldn't experience any of that...Boy were they wrong!

Leon Davis said:   
Thank you for all of your hard work getting me into a plan. The Scott and White plan, just got to high, wasn't worth paying for anymore.

Leslie Martin said:  
Great help, extremely patient, all around helped me a lot. Gave lots of advice, and actually provided enough information to make my decision easier rather than trying to sell me into something quickly. Thanks

Arnold Presley said:  
Thanks for working with me and being patient. For other customers that don't know where to turn, Here is where you can get good suggestions or advice knowing you are getting a good plan and saving money. I know that the premium was lower than I wanted to pay, but it made since to do the things Tom said to save me money in the long run. Truly an honest agent who goes the extra mile!! Great Job!

Shelia Harris said:   

Thanks for your help on explaining the difference between the few plans we had chose. I really believe we would have chosen the wrong one if you hadn't called and explained some of the benefit differences. Truly a helpful agent...Shelia Harris

Gloria said:  
Thank you for your assistance and explaining my benefits to me. You were very patient, and not hard pressure like some other guy who called. Thanks again, Gloria

Mark J said:   
Thank you Tom for your outstanding professional help in finding me a plan that will fit my budget. Also for showing me areas that I could save, but still have great coverage for the What If situations. Thanks a lot!! Mark

Colby Davis said:   
A true help in the sense. Last year I bought without an agent and I overpaid for what I didn't even use. Thank you Tom for explaining all the benefits, so I keep money in my pocket and not just pay lots of extra money to the insurance companies. Send me a quote on the Life insurance too, since I know you will do me a great job there too.

David Johnson said:   
Thank you for making it quick and easy. Didn't know it was that simple, thought it would have taken few days or weeks, but this was within minutes, got a policy and downloaded a card. Thank you.

Tiffany McDonald said:   
Thank you Tom for explaining the differences in the plans, My husband and I are very happy that their are good agents out there that truly do want to help us find the right affordable plan. We knew we wanted to have more children, but thought it was just not an option until we get back on another group plan. You proved us wrong and we look forward to getting our policy soon. Thank you for your hard work, and much kindness. Tiffany and David McDonald

Larry Davis said:   

Tom... Finally did the application today, thanks for the great help and extra advice to help make my mind up. Thank you.

Cynthia Schrader said:   
I am glad that you helped me through the different options, didn't know that it could be that difficult. Tom helped me through so many different choices to see what I could afford and the different mixings to help save me money. I actually lowered my deductible and changed something else, but it will save me an additional $38 a month...Do the math that's over $450 a year. Thanks Tom

Courtney said:   
Tom, I couldn't ask for a more professional sales person ever. Although I had lots of questions, you answered them all. Even when you had to verify one additional option, you went out of your way to find the answer instead of just thrown an answer out there. I will be talking with the other employees that also lost their coverage and refer all of them to you. Thanks for your great help.

Warren Richards said:   
Tom you truly showed us your expertise to help compare the differences between the companies that offer Major Medical Plans. Didn't press for the quick easy sale, but provided all the information that I needed in making the correct choice for my family. Thanks Tom

Joe B said:  
Tom, You have truly gone the extra mile with us. I know this has not been easy but thanks to you, my wife and I now have the right policies for us. Thank you.

Janet Kilgo said:  
I have never had someone be so helpful and do all they possibly could to help my family make the best decision for us in healthcare coverage. Tom is a wonderful family man who understands the real needs of the world!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Nito Sanchez said:   
Thanks for all of your help, you are someone that knows the business and explained it all to well.

Stephanie said:  
Thank you for working with me on finding the right coverage. It was truly an easy transition; all my questions were answered and I received quick email responses from you if I did have any questions/concerns. Customer service is important and you surpassed all my expectations as an agent. Thank you.

J.C. said:  
Thanks for the help in picking out a plan for me. JC

Macey Johnson said:  
Sorry about the 150 questions, but you explained it all too well. Thank you so much.

Tina Matthews said:   
What a tough decision, but thanks for your patience and helping me pick the right plan for me.

Bryan said:   
Sure helped me from all the other sales people bugging me. It was quick, easy and done. Thanks a bunch!

Terra Johanson said:  
You were a great help on explaining the plans and benefits. Thanks for the help. Terra.

Trevor Gray said:   
That was TOO easy.. Got the quotes, applied online, and have not got one single other call except from your company. Few years ago I did the same thing, I bet I received 15 calls within an hour. Truly a blessing this time.

Larry Davis said:  

Tom... Finally did the application today, thanks for the great help and extra advice to help make my mind up. Thank you.

Sam Fletcher said:   

Thanks Tom for your help. Now I understand health insurance a little better. The plan before wasn't the best plan for me, but instead for the insurance company. I feel that I have a real plan tailored for my family and myself. Thank you.

Corey B said:   
I appreciate you explaining the benefits to me and how it should work, I'll send you some co-workers that had a rate increase too. 
Jeremy Shoemaker said:   
You and your website made it easy to do business. Hope the other calls will stop soon from those other companies that must have made thousands off my name. 
Lori said:   

Thank you for your help 

Mr. William Diaz said:   
Tom.. Thanks to your help and support and walking me through the choices of plans, not only am I saving close to $143 per month, but I really believe I have better coverage now for my family. I WILL be handing out your cards when I get them. Thank you!  
Heidi Jackson said:   
That was simple.. Thanks for your help Tom  
Lacey said:   
That was easy!! 
David said:   
I will send some co-workers to your site also. Thanks for the tips and like the videos on your FAQ page. They answered a lot of questions.  
Tina B said:   
Thanks Tom. Not only have you helped me with a great health insurance company, but the dental plan works great too. I told two others about you, hopefully they will call you soon.
Melinda Johnson said:  
Quick and easy instant approval was the best. Thank you Tom for your hard work and being patient with me. :) 
David S said:   
My son told me of your services and we were both able to improve our coverage with the lower rates and plans that you suggested.
Christina Taylor said:   
Thanks Tom. Got the policy in the mail today. Fast , easy and great service. I liked the idea of the instant approval you provided to me last week. Thanks again! 
Chris Harris said:   
Quick, easy, and no hassles. Been to a lot of sites in last three months, got tons of calls, but only heard from Tom. He knows his business and helped save me a lot of money on my health insurance.



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