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This is one of those touchy subject when it comes to Maternity Plans and insurance.  The bad news is if you are currently pregnant or soon to be a new father, as of right now you can not currently purchase your own insurance plan.  The reason behind this is that the insurance company would have to accept full responsibility for you and the new born baby unconditionally.

But now if you are in the market for a plan that would help cover some of the expenses of having a baby, your best option is to use your employer group plan.  That plan will have the less out of pocket cost overall, but maybe just higher premiums than a normal plan.  What if your employer doesn't offer health insurance.

If your employer doesn't offer health coverage you are limited to a few individual plans that would cover maternity.  We have sold many policies with the maternity coverage.  With Assurant, you have two options when it comes to Maternity.  You can either have a $5,000 or $10,000 deductible.  This benefit pays 100% of covered routine maternity services after you meet your selected maternity deductible.  For any pregnancy that begins after the 30-day waiting period.  And the benefit can pay for itself, even before the $5,00 or $10,000 maternity deductible is met, by giving you access to significant network discounts on doctor and hospital bills.

Once you hit this deductible you are completely covered for the "maternity" coverage.  The average cost of a healthy baby and the two or three days in the hospital could easily be over $12,000 or maybe $15,000. But now lets say that their were complications during delivery costing more and perhaps another day in the hospital and now you have a $20,000 or more bill.  A $5,000 or $10,000 deductible isn't that bad especially when you can get the maternity coverage for as low as $18.00 per month.

Another route is through United Health One.  This one works the differently.  This one works up over the years you are on the plan.  The longer you are on the plan the more they will pay into the maternity benefit.  Unlike other plans, the UH1 plan is a "first dollar" plan. Everyone else requires you to first satisfy a separate maternity deductible before they pay. UH1 pays first. Any residual is covered by the insured.

Full benefits under the UH1 maternity takes the form of a $4,000 "bucket" of money. You are free to use those funds any way you want (pre-natal, delivery, hospital), but once those funds are exhausted you pay the balance.

To receive the full $4,000 benefit, conception must occur after the maternity benefit has been in place for 12 months. If conception occurs before 12 months the benefit is cut in half.

Having a carrier limit the amount of benefits to only $4,000 could be very costly to someone, especially if their was any complications due to the pregnancy, maybe perhaps an extra day in the hospital was needed just because you had the baby so late, but at almost $3,000 per day, that could wipe that out instantly.

Now what if you are already pregnant and you do not have any insurance.  Read the article What if I'm Pregnant and Don't Have Any Insurance.

Please give us a call to discuss all your health and maternity coverage options.

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