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A healthy pregnancy means a healthy baby. For many, a healthy pregnancy seems like a riddle we need to solve. To solve the riddle, they read books, follow advice and live life differently. The results can be just as rewarding as the journey. A pregnancy is filled with wonder and excitement, which is why our lives should change along with our bodies.

The first place to start is usually healthcare. If you're considering having a baby, then you should consult a doctor for tests and advice on health concerns. A healthy lifestyle before pregnancy can translate into a worry free pregnancy. Many who have good health experience a lack of complications during pregnancy.

The pregnant woman has a lot to do on the inside, especially in the first trimester. The forming baby needs vitamins and minerals to build itself from just a simple heartbeat. In the very early stages, folic acid is a necessary ingredient for a healthy baby. Many breakfast cereals are fortified with the vitamin.

Changing our habits can also be a necessary step towards a healthy pregnancy. A pregnant woman should stop smoking, as should her partner. It's best if both parties compromise their lifestyle choices for the betterment of the baby. It's a joint adventure, after all. This includes alcohol, roller coaster riding, and other dangerous activities.

Many health providers offer free classes for both the pregnant woman and the soon to be father. These courses can help with everything to come, including the baby's needs throughout its first few months. Expectant parents should consider taking these courses to alleviate nerves and to better prepare themselves for the exciting adventure ahead.

As with any health concern, there are always don'ts, but there are many dos as well. For instance a woman should take a prenatal vitamin to ensure healthy growth of the baby. A pregnant woman should also continue to wear a seatbelt. In later pregnancy the lap belt should be as low as possible, not above the abdomen. Yoga and other stretching can benefit a pregnancy. And put on the classical music! It has been proven to help stimulate the baby. Do enjoy yourself during this time.

The don'ts come from the misfortune of others. For us to know not to do something, we must have experience of it. Unfortunately some women have drunk, done drugs, ridden roller coasters, smoked, and otherwise put their baby in danger during pregnancy. This means we know these things harm an unborn child. They should from now on be considered taboo.

If you've just found out about your pregnancy, be sure to consult a physician or with an OBGYN, and begin the 40 week adventure with a healthy approach. You're already on your way! Be sure to stop taking prescription and non-prescription drugs until you consult with a physician. It's best to know you're not alone in any part of the process. To have the healthiest and safest pregnancy, stays informed and take the proper precautions. As soon as you see that shining face, you'll know it was all worth it.

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