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Medical Groups File Lawsuit Seeking to Block Imposing Rules on Doctors 05/24/2010

Congress Agrees to Extend Jobless Benefits and Delay Medicare Payment Cuts 05/22/2010

Democratic Lawmakers Seek to Reassure Physicians About Medicare Payment Fix 05/21/2010

Massachusetts Senate Considers Measures to Reduce Health Care Costs 05/20/2010

Massachusetts Health Insurers Blame DOI and Governor for First Quarter Loses 05/18/2010

Small Business Group and Seven More States Join Health Care Lawsuit 05/17/2010

Insurers and Consumers Weigh in On Health Reform Rules 05/14/2010

DOJ Files First Defense in Challenge to Health Care Law 05/13/2010

New CBO Estimate Increases Costs for Healthcare Reform By $115 Billion 05/12/2010

Administration Releases Rules for Extending Coverage to Dependents until Age 26 05/11/2010

Obama Says Health Care Bill Already Helping Millions 05/08/2010

Measures to Increase Transparency in Healthcare Pricing Stall in House 05/07/2010

Obama Administration Urges States to Increase Scrutiny of Wellpoint Rate Hikes 05/06/2010

Obama Administration to Assist Employers Who Provide Health Coverage for Early Retirees 05/05/2010

Eighteen States Will Not Administer Federal High Risk Pools 05/04/2010

DC and 21 Other States Agree to Participate in High Risk Pools 05/02/2010

Anthem Blue Cross Withdraws Request to Increase Rates for Some In California 05/01/2010

Health Reform Bill Will Cover More, But Cost Way More than Originally Predicted 04/30/2010

WellPoint and BC of California and Few Others Cease Rescission on Pre-Existing Conditions 04/29/2010

House Democrats Say Provisions in Healthcare Bill Could Hurt Company Earnings 04/28/2010

Sebelius Asked Wellpoint To Stop Dropping Women with Breast Cancer 04/27/2010

Health Reform May Lower Medicare Premiums and Boost Overall Health Tab 04/23/2010

House Bill Expands Veterans' Healthcare Benefits 04/22/2010

Proposal Would Curb Health Insurance Rates Nationally 04/21/2010

Cost May Still Pose Insurmountable Barrier to Health Coverage for Many 04/20/2010

United Health follows to Cover Children up to 26 on Parents Plan 04/19/2010

Massachusetts State Senator's Bill Would Control Health-Insurance Costs for Small Businesses 04/15/2010

Proposed House Bill would Double Penalty for Medicare Fraud 04/14/2010

State of Georgia will NOT Offer State Risk Pool Health Insurance 04/13/2010

Judge Rules Against Massachusetts Suit Over Rate Hikes 04/12/2010

Judge Asked to Issue Injunction to Overrule Insurance Rate Hikes 04/10/2010

Governors of Nevada and Arizona Join Suit Over Healthcare Reform Law 04/7/2010

Massachusetts Insurers Challenge State's Denial of Rate Increase 04/06/2010

Sebelius Contacts States Regarding High Risk Insurance Pools 04/03/2010

Massachusetts Regulators Reject Proposed Rate Increases 04/02/2010

Two Million Could Lose Health Insurance Under Healthcare Reform Bill 04/01/2010

Agreement Reached on Preexisting Conditions on Children 03/30/2010

Ultimately, Healthcare Reform Law will Require Everyone to Have Health Insurance 03/30/2010

Sebelius To Require Insurer's to Cover Preexisting Conditions on Children 03/29/2010

Obama to Sign Final Health Reform Bill on Tuesday 03/25/2010

White House Calls for "Simple Up or Down" Vote on Health Care Reform Bill 02/27/2010

White House Health Care Summit to Set Stage for Democrats Only Bill 02/26/2010

House Approve Bill Stripping Health Insurers Antitrust Exemption 02/25/2010

Renewed Hope for Passage of Health Care Reform Package 02/24/2010

As Obama Unveils Health Care Reform Plan, GOP Cries Foul 02/23/2010

Obama to Unveil White House Health Reform Measures Prior to Summit 02/19/2010

Sebelius Criticizes Health Insurers' Rate Increases Across the Country 02/18/2010

House Democrats Say Single Bill May not be Ready for Health Care Summit 02/17/2010

Anthem Blue Cross Postpones Rate Increases in California 02/13/2010

Sebelius Rejects Wellpoint's Explanation of Anthem Blue Cross Rate Increases 02/12/2010

Obama Open to Republican Health Care Ideas 02/11/2010

Lawmakers Call For Investigation into Anthem's Rate Increases 02/11/2010

Sebelius Calls on Anthem Blue Cross to Justify Rate Increases 02/09/2010

Obama Invites Republican Leaders to Televised Health Care Meeting 02/08/2010

US Healthcare Spending Saw Largest One Year Increase Last Year 02/04/2010

Democratic Leaders Unsure How to Proceed on Health Care Reform 02/03/2010

Some States Pursue Their Own Health Care Reform 02/02/2010

Administration Issues New Mental Health Coverage Rules 02/01/2010

Health Reform Timeline Seen as Open Ended 01/29/2010

Pelosi Suggests Two-Track Strategy for Health Reform 01/28/2010

Democrats Seen as Lacking a Strategy on Health Reform 01/27/2010

Obama Criticizes Congressional "Process" in Crafting Health Care Bill 01/26/2010

Republicans are Asking Obama to "Start Over" on Healthcare Reform Bill 01/25/2010

Pelosi Says House Lacks Votes to Adopt Senate Healthcare Bill 01/22/2010

Health Reform Update after the Massachusetts Vote 01/21/2010

Brown Win in MA, Blow to Obama's Health Reform Plans 01/20/2010

Health Reform Backers Brace for Possible Brown Win in Massachusetts 01/19/2010

White House Brokers Deal With Unions on Taxing High Cost Health Plans 01/15/2010

Obama and Legislators Meet to Reconcile Health Reform Bills 01/14/2010

Groups Make Final Push to Influence Health Reform Bill 01/13/2010

Obama Tells Union Leaders He May Compromise on Cadillac Plan Tax 01/12/2010

CMS Study Finds Health Reform Bill Would Increase Spending and Coverage 01/11/2010

House Democrats May Agree to Tax on Health Care Benefits 01/08/2010

Poll Conducted on Behalf of eHealth on Health Care Reform 01/06/2010

White House Vows Involvement in Final Health Reform Bill 01/06/2010

Democrats Plan to Avoid Formal Committee on Health Reform 01/05/2010

Critics of Health Reform to Eye Supreme Court Challenge 01/04/2010

Federal Officials Renew Crackdown on Medicare Fraud 12/30/2009

Health Care Reform in the Senate & Another New Idea 12/29/2009

House and Senate Comparison on HealthCare Reform Bills 12/29/2009

Nebraska Medicaid Deal May Be Unconstitutional 12/29/2009

Cadillac Tax Expected to Hit Middle Class 12/29/2009

Senate Votes 60-39 to Pass Reid Healthcare Bill Early Today 12/24/2009

Obama Awaits Imminent Senate Healthcare Victory 12/23/2009

Pain Before Gain in Healthcare Reform 12/23/2009

Deals For Senators' Votes Draw Scrutiny Over Midnight Voting 12/22/2009

Health Bill Advances as Senate Garners Sixty Votes During Midnight Vote 12/21/2009

Majority Leader Reid Determined to Get Health Reform Passed This Year 12/18/2009

HHS Awards $72M for Gains in Children's Health Coverage 12/18/2009

Liberals Outraged by White House Tactics Health Reform Debate 12/17/2009

The Latest on Health Reform from Washington for week of 12/19/2009

Obama "Cautiously Optimistic" about Prospects for Health Reform 12/16/2009

Senate Democrats Close to Dropping Medicare Expansion 12/15/2009

Senator Reid Seeks to Line up Sixty Votes for Health Bill 12/15/2009

Medicare Expansion Seen as "Tough Sell" 12/14/2009

Health Care in The Senate and another "New Idea" 12/12/2009

Senate Health Debate Stalls on Drug Reimportation Amendment 12/11/2009

Senate Democrats Mull Changing Medicare Expansion Plans 12/11/2009

Hospital, Physician Groups Oppose Senate Medicare Provisions 12/10/2009

Senate Public Option Compromise Buoys Democratic Health Reform Support 12/09/2009

Nelson Amendment That Would Ban Abortion Funding Defeated 12/09/2009

Bloomberg Poll Finds Sixty-Two Percent will Not Benefit From Health Reform 12/09/2009

Democrats Considering Public Option Alternative 12/08/2009

State Approves United Health Acquisition Health Net Renewals 12/07/2009

Top Insurance News Stories Week of December 5th 12/05/2009

Senate Defeats GOP Amendment to Reverse Medicare Cuts in HR Bill 12/04/2009

AARP Voices Support for Proposed Medicare Cuts on Senate Healthcare Bill 12/03/2009

Senator Corburn Targets Health Reform Bills and Medicare Cuts 12/02/2009

CBO Predicts Senate May Not Increase Americans Premiums 12/01/2009

Senate Democrats Coalition Said to be Fracturing 11/30/2009

Tax Hikes Would Precede Health Reform for Several Years 11/25/2009

HHS Report Enumerates Benefits Health Care Reform Bill 11/24/2009

HHS Reports How Some States Could Benefit from Health Reform Bill 11/22/2009

Saturday Night Senate to Test First Round of Votes on HR Bill 11/20/2009

Health Reform's Drug Provisions may Threaten Deal for White House/Drugmakers 11/17/2009

Why the Senate Will Take it Slow on Health Care Reform Bill 11/13/2009

Reid Mulls Medicare Payroll Tax Increase on Rich to Fund Health Reform Bill 11/13/2009

Hispanic Groups Working to Ensure Immigrants are Given Coverage 11/12/2009

Bill Clinton Urges Senate Democrats to Pass Health Reform Bill before Year End 11/11/2009

House Passed Health Plan Mixes Good Ideas, Deep Flaws 11/10/2009

Abortion Coverage Severely Restricted in House Health Reform Bill 11/08/2009

House Approves Health Reform Bill - Senate Battle Next 11/07/2009

Senate Health Reform Bill Could be Pushed to 2010 11/04/2009

House & Senate Democratic Leaders Near Agreement on Form of Public Option 10/24/2009

Work on a Combined Senate Health Care Bill Continues 10/23/2009

Reid May Include Public Option in Senate Health Reform Bill 10/23/2009

Negotiators Mull Public Option on Health Care Bill 10/22/2009

Senate Democrats Lose Healthcare Test Vote 10/22/2009

Reform Timetable Tweaked as Senators Merge Bills 10/21/2009

Baucus Health Reform Bill Goes Online 10/20/09

Senate Finance Committee Moves Ahead on HR Bill

Senate Finance Committee Approves HR Bill

Americans Threatened With Jail Time or Fines

Where is Health Care Reform After Kennedy

What's Really In Obama's Health Care Reform

Employers Take on Government Run Health Care

Truth About ObamaCare Health Plan

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